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LIGATT Security, the premium sockpuppet experts

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LIGATT/Evans’ sockpuppetry and his love of playing the race card is well known among those of us who have had the misfortune of having to tolerate his existence. Therefore, while all the evidence below is circumstantial, and could be explained away by attributing it to an overzealous Evans fan, for example…his past behavior clearly exhibits a pattern that makes even this circumstantial bit of trollvidence hightly suspicious.

Here is a comment left on my previous blog post regarding LIGATT’s amihackerproof.com failure. The IP address it was posted from is in the Atlanta area – where LIGATT’s office is located. It is from a Comcast business customer, which lends credence to the sockpuppet theory. I’ve also attached the notification email from WordPress in case of any “BAWWW YOU ARE MAKING IT UPPPPP!” nonsense.

We can only speculate as to what the case is, even though considering the situation, it is most likely Evans failing at something as simple as using a proxy while sockpuppeting. However, what is more interesting is the comment itself.

Look, Evans…we all know you love playing the race card. However, not every post mocking you and pointing out what a fraud you are is the work of “white men trying to bring a black man down” or whatever paranoid delusions you may have at the moment. We mock you not because you’re black, Evans, it is because you’re a fraud who makes our industry look bad. The most hilarious part about your comment is that, if you’d done two seconds of research (My real name is on my Twitter account, you dolt!), you’d realize that far from being a “white man,” I’m actually a brown woman.

So much for claiming that a criticism of your product was due to race, huh, Evans? It must be hard for your puny little brain to explain away why someone would criticize your product now that you’ve been made aware of the fact that you can’t use the “BAWWW WHITE MEN DON’T LIKE MEEEEE!” defense any longer here, can you now?

Oh Evans…despite me being a double minority, being brown and a woman, you don’t see me constantly whining about my gender, race, being persecuted, being attacked by “computer nerds in their basements” or whatever “Crap of The Day” you think up in one of your hilarious videos or posts. People who whine about gender/race/toenail size/whateverthefuck are more often than not trying to deflect from the fact that they don’t really know anything, and have nothing to contribute.

Your failure at being taken seriously, Evans, is not because you’re black. It is not because anyone is being racist. It is not a conspiracy to keep you down because you’re a minority.

It is because you are an idiot, a fraud, and a criminal.

Grow up.


Written by ophelia

December 4, 2010 at 3:01 pm

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Oh LIGATT, you crack me up!

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I tweeted a couple of months ago about how LIGATT’s now infamous amihackerproof.com site (which claims to be able to be able to tell if you are “hacker proof” – what the fuck is this shit anyway – by scanning your system for vulnerabilities) pretty much returns 0 vulnerabilities on almost every fucking system, including a test box of mine running Damn Vulnerable Linux. (The same thing was reported by the folks over at Attrition, as well as various other people.)

After Evans was given airtime on CNN again yesterday (some things never change), I decided, out of curiosity, to see if there was any improvement to be had on the LIGATT epic trainwreck front.

Ok, confession: I didn’t actually think LIGATT would improve anything even if a huge pile of hardened shit smacked them where the sun doesn’t shine, I was just bored and decided to have some cheap laughs at the loser Gregory Evans’ expense. There, I said it.

Now, here goes. The screenshot is pretty much self-explanatory, and I’d rather have the screenshots do the talking mocking instead of rehashing the same crock of LIGATT failures over and over again.

Here is another screenshot that makes it clear that it is an instance of DVL running in case Evans or one of his talentless army of sockpuppets try to utilize the BAWWW IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED PIXELS BAWWW. (I don’t have any Photoshopping talent anyway, but moving on…)

Strangely, this scan was going on a lot longer than any of the lolscans I’ve done via LIGATT’s site, so I was a tiny bit curious if they’d stolen another piece of software and claimed it as their own while somehow managing to configure it properly something had changed.

However, to nobody’s surprise, here are the results that I received via email. DVL has ZERO VULNERABILITIES, you guise! Totally safe and secure! Install it on your desktop now!


While it is funny to point and laugh at LIGATT/Evans, I honestly don’t understand why he keeps getting airtime spouting things that should be common sense. I get it, they need a “security expert” or whatever the fuck they’re calling those people these days blah blah, but why Evans? The average person on the street would probably be able to tell you the things Evans says in yesterday’s video (to give an example), and without the chance of fooling users who don’t care enough about security to do some basic research on Evans and his company before thinking “Hey, this guy is on CNN, he must be legit, I’ll go to his site, OH LOOKIE NO VULNS, I AM SAFE, SO I CAN NOW DOWNLOAD trollface.jpg.vbs.exe without worry! I am hacker proof!”


Frankly, I’m tired of talking about LIGATT, posting/tweeting about him, etc…because it seems that no matter how much we lay the facts out there, the media, his customers (if he actually has any), and the general public simply does not give a shit.

It is even more exhausting when mainstream media outlets validate his nonsense by letting him shoot his mouth off on air. I’m fucking tired of this crap, but I’m not going to pretend to have a solution as for how we can do better.

PS. Apologies for the awful image quality.

Written by ophelia

November 30, 2010 at 6:44 pm

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