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iPad: A bigger, clunkier, uglier, pricier, stupider iPod Touch

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Those of you that have been following me on Twitter know that I’m not a fan of over-hyped, overpriced, proprietary pieces of shit. You may also know that I have no need for a giant iPod Touch, and that my netbook runs Windows + Xubuntu + BT4 and does things that Apple’s lousy excuse for a tablet can’t. (Ok, I know that sounded kind of dirty…)

The internet has already gone through the basics of what’s lacking on the iPad. It isn’t revolutionary, it won’t change computing, hell – it can’t even run more than one app at a time! It doesn’t have a camera, can’t be used for presentations (no HDMI/VGA support), isn’t a fucking ‘Kindle-killer’, and it certainly is a long, loooooooooong way away from being a netbook killer. Suck it, Apple fanboys.

It’s funny that the very same Apple fanboys who claim that “BAWWW there is no need to run more than one app at a time!” were the same ones pointing, laughing, and snickering when Windows 7 for netbooks was rumored to only be restricted to 3! Whooope-de-do! Hell, some of the tech sites salivating over the iPad would have never let Microsoft get away with so much FAIL, but hey, you can’t make this shit up. Only the Apple Kool-Aid can.

On the subject of Flash, I’m rather torn on this. As much as I hate Flash and hope to see more and more devices moving away from it, for a tablet that bills itself as a netbook killer and a OH GOD A MULTIMEDIA CONSUMPTION DEVICE I’M GONNA CUM fanboy anal dildo, lack of Flash is unacceptable.

TheĀ  iPad is a locked-down, proprietary, Apple-controlled, DRM-laden failfest. It is clear that Apple is unwilling to open up its App Store, enable users to install third-party apps and apps that haven’t been explicitly allowed by Apple, or loosen their vice-like grip on their devices. Sure, the people who really want to tinker would jailbreak it eventually, but the point remains that users shouldn’t have to break into their own devices to actually, you know, use the device – nor face the possibility of legal action for tampering with a device that they own and paid for.

A netbook killer? Ha ha ha, Steve Jobs, you’re killing me…with laughter, that is.


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February 4, 2010 at 3:38 am

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