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IE6, please die. Companies, stop BAWWWWing. Kthx.

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However, if you’re here and sticking around for the rest of my rant, you probably already know this. I’m saving you all the agony of having to sit through another rant about the many reasons that this outdated, insecure, CSS-muddling, pathetic excuse of a browser sucks. No need to thank me.

What really sends me into RAGE RANT CURSE mode, however, is the complete and utterly pathetic excuse some companies come up with for sticking with IE6. “BAWWWW, we have legacy app X that only works with IE6/we don’t have the money to fix this/we don’t have the resources to upgrade our shit, BAWWWW PITY ME PITY ME IT’S NOT OUR FAULT WE GOT PWNED SO HARD THAT PRISON RAPE IS ENJOYABLE BY COMPARISON!”

Nuh-uh. You don’t get to use those excuses, unless you’re perfectly willing to spend more money dealing with the fallout from getting pwned than you would have spent if you gave two shits about security in the first place. Enjoy the bad PR, loss of clients, and general mockery on top of that, BAWWWW Inc. You asked for it by being a stupid IE6 perpetuating fucktard.

Oooooh, but that’s not yet the dumbest of  the dumb BAWWWWfests that companies often throw while attempting to defend their choice to cling to IE6.  There are even those who react in this fashion: “BAWWWW I’m not willing to spend the money anyway, and MS has patched Vuln Y that led to Company AnotherStupidIE6Moron getting pwned in Incident Z! We didn’t get pwned this time, and it’s been patched, and SECURITY ISN’T THAT IMPORTANT RAH RAH IT WON’T HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEEEEE!”

Ha. If that’s your line of reasoning, I hope the next unpatched IE6 vuln bites you in the ass more severely than you could possibly imagine. You are beyond hope, and you deserve to be pwned hard. You deserve digital rape of the highest degree. It’s too bad that sometimes innocent users have to suffer for it. It will most likely happen to you, and in fact, it’s more likely than you think. Be very afraid.

You’ve probably been expecting me to get to this, but seriously, WTF WAS GOOGLE THINKING?! Now, I understand that they might have needed to use IE6 for testing/QA purposes, among other things. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. However, given the fact that the concept of sandboxing was apparently lost on what is billed as a ‘technically sophisticated’ company, you simply have to wonder what the fuck was going on there. We may never know, but THAT CRAP IS STUPID, FUCKED-UP, AND INEXCUSABLE.

Sandbox that shit. Wrap it before you run it.

Don’t be yet another typical IE6-made-me-stupid moron. Quit the whining. Stop the BAWWWWing. Nobody cares, except when you get pwned and mercilessly mocked for your own retardation.


Written by ophelia

February 6, 2010 at 4:40 am

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